Welcome to the Icklepets WikiEdit

An interactive, collaborative list of all the icklepets on Neurogalaxy. Take a look at the content we've accumulated so far!

How do I help?Edit

You can help by making pages for each Icklepet. Just a few things to remember:

  • Add the ickle's image to the right of the page, with its item category ( [Relic], [Trinket], etc. ) as the caption. If the image is unretrievable/broken, add the Category Needs Image.
  • Next, get the item description. This can be retrieved by highlighting and copying the item image in a usershop, NPC shop, or usergallery and pasting it into the NG search box. The pasted information will be the item description. Copy and paste this into the main text area of the icklepet's page and italicize it. See the Autumn Toad's page for an example.
  • If you cannot retrieve the item description, add the Category Description Needed.
  • Include the heading of How to obtain, and add the Category Icklepets at the bottom. If there is missing information in the How to obtain heading, add the Category Needs Location. If you know it restocks somewhere, but don't know the price, add the Category Needs Price.
  • Ickles obtainable from the Ickle shop require the Ickle Shop Category. Myxx ickles require the Myxx Category. Lurns and Pokeetas receive their respective Lurn and Pokeeta categories as well.
  • When an Icklepet's image becomes updated, add the new image while leaving the old one intact, leaving a chronology of ickle looks. See the page for Lobby for an example.
  • All Category names are case sensitive. Make sure you type it correctly!
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